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Wednesday, June 7, 2017
7:45 am — 3:30 pm
Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation
Springfield, IL




2017 Workshops

The Central Illinois Volunteerism Conference is designed to help you develop skills that will enhance your relationship with the volunteers at your organization. This year's conference offers presentations on a variety of topics presented during two Deep Dive sessions.

Session I : 9:50 - 10:50 AM

____ “Be Our Guest” - The Disney Customer Service Model Presented by Alice Leefers, Memorial Health System. This session will focus on the practical application of Disney’s approach to customer service using the book Be Our Guest. Structured activities will provide insight on how to bring Disney’s approach to life in your organization by making exceeding expectations the standard call of duty, being mindful that “everything speaks” and choosing service solutions that are high-touch, high show and high-tech.

____ Leading Across the Generations Presented by Emilie Shoop, Business Development Consultant and Trainer, Dale Carnegie of Greater Illinois. This workshop will provide insights and tools to help turn the attitudes and skills of a multi-generational volunteer workforce into powerful performance drivers for your agency. You will learn the approaches that will help you mobilize members of each generation, resulting in an engaging and productive environment for everyone. The session will explore strategies to assist leaders in community organizations as you work to engage people from multiple generations in a more productive, efficient and harmonious manner.

____ Designing Internships for Win-Win! Presented by Anne Godman, Director of Career Services, MacMurray College. .  This workshop will walk through the development of a well-designed internship from planning to completion. Non-profit agencies can benefit from a student's time, talent, and new ideas when an internship has clear expectations, process, and documents.  If your agency has projects, events, or ideas an intern could do to strengthen your agency, this session will increase the quality of your internship positions.   Well-designed internships can support your mission, programs, and staff.  Example internship documents will be shared.


Session II : 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

____ Communication Plans—Encompassing the Voice of the Volunteer Presented by Kristi Jones, Management Consultant, Kerber, Eck, & Braeckel (KEB) . This workshop will provide the value in keeping your organizations’ communications plan up-to-date and relevant. Your organizations’ communications plans should encompass “telling the story” of your volunteers and their relationship with the organization. What are the best mediums to do this and how can these stories be told in the most cost effective manner? Communication plans should also be more than just a piece of paper. This workshop will guide you through the implementation of your communications plan, demonstrating the impact your organization has on volunteers to retain current volunteers and increase recruitment efforts.

____ “FUN”draising Presented by Kelly Thompson, Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald Charities of Central IL. This workshop will include answering the questions: do your volunteers enjoy raising money for your organization? Are you effectively using your volunteers to help your organization increase its visibility in the community and increase donations for your mission? This workshop is for you if you are seeking tips and suggestions for bringing the “fun” back in “FUN”draising for your volunteers!


Session III : 1:10 - 2:10 PM

____ Hate to Delegate? Learn How to Make Your Event Run Smoothly by You Doing Less Presented by Tina Arnold, Senior Manager, Alzheimer's Association. This workshop will help you understand that delegating can be tough. Delegating to volunteers can be even harder. Learn how to provide quality customer service and better execute an event, or even day-to-day activities, by successfully using delegation.

____ Building Professional Relationships Presented by Linda Kelley, Memorial Health System. The ability to interact effectively with people is a valuable skill as a leader. This workshop will focus on specific tools and strategies to help you develop skills in building positive, professional relationships. Participants will learn how to find commonalities with others and adapt communication styles to increase trust.

____ Resiliency & Mindfulness Presented by Alicia Sparks and Amy Lally, Memorial Health System. This interactive workshop will help participants understand pressure vs. stress and classify perceived stressors, giving the opportunity to reflect on building resiliency attributes within themselves. Participants will also be able to define and understand what it means to be “Mindful” and develop a personal Mindfulness practice.